A Nice, Normal Family

​It’s a series that combines the genres of family entertainment and fantasy. Children who read thoughts or have the ability to move objects with their mind, troubles teens who can make themselves invisible to survive on the streets… are some of the protagonists of this new fiction that tries to play with the mystery and the magic within a family … who’s not at all normal.

This is a format from Spain that’s been aired 3 seasons in Spain, Portugal, and China. The format was also done in Mexico.

  • Winner at FesTVal
  • Winner as a best Series at Zapping awards
  • Winner of best Series at Premio de la Asociacion de Teleespectadores y Radioyentes

The impossible has begun to occur. Sandra, Carlos, Lucia, Lucas, and a juvenile delinquent known as “Snake” believed themselves to be normal children and teenagers. Between 6 and 17 years old, they lived their lives “normally” … until they began to notice something strange happening: they were beginning to develop special “skills” that went beyond what is known so far.

Some can read minds, others; move objects, make themselves invisible, or transmit electricity. They can hardly control their abilities and in some cases, they occur without them being able to remedy them in states of agitation or nervousness.

But not only does it affect these young people, because their parents also suffer the consequences. Like Jimena, whose only daughter, Blanca, mysteriously disappears after demonstrating that she posses’ one of these “skills” or Mario, Charles’ widowed father, overcome by the power his son has and the possible consequences.

No one knows their secret yet … Or do they? It appears they are being chased by the same people who kidnapped Blanca, and their only chance is to escape to a place where nobody can find them: a quiet housing development in the middle of nowhere, where they think they might also find answers to some of the big questions they want to resolve: What’s happening to the kids? Where is Blanca, Jimena’s daughter? Are there more people like them out there?

The problem is that the only way to go unnoticed is that this group of strangers pose as a normal family. Especially in the eyes of the neighbors across the street, the Ruano family, who immediately suspect that the newcomers are hiding something…


Episode 1