12 Hearts

Unscripted TV show; an exciting contest, which seeks to get together one or more couples that feel attraction for one another.

Game Shot
This format has been done for the US Hispanic market in Spanish totaling 18 Seasons with 1,750 episodes.

  • It was also a successful format in the following countries: France (3 seasons) Colombia (2 seasons) Mexico (3 seasons)
  • USA (8 seasons on Telemundo) Argentina (3 seasons) Venezuela.
  • It is also currently airing in these countries: San Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico.

The mystery of astrology and the secrets of love come together in a dating program led by the Host. It is a exciting and fun contest, with 12 participants representing the 12 zodiac signs between men and women. They will be eliminated if they do not find a partner. Categories are done from appearance, points of view and personality, which are then compared as the astrologer explains the profile of the contestants and the astrologist shares ideas related to love.

After their introduction, the males interact in a game, or they are asked to perform a stunt (sing a song, recite a goofy poem, etc.) Then, the host begins a roundtable of discussion on a certain subject. After this is finished, the first group is taken out of the room and the second group decides which one they want to eliminate one of the contestants that just preformed.

On the second segment, a chosen male or female from the main group is eliminated. Soon afterward, the male or female is introduced (identified by their astrological sign, hometown and occupation; though this portion sometimes is not shown in the show), the host then chooses a contestant of each group to interact in a closer way, for example dancing, kissing, etc. To decide what kind of interaction will take place, the host uses some sort of game like “roulette of kisses”, or “special roundtable of discussion. Then, each of the male contestants eliminates a dice”. This is followed by a second female contestant of the other group. This leaves only three contestants in the main group and five contestants on the other group.

For the final segment, the host picks a contestant of the second group who is supposed to pick their heart among the male or female contestants. The chosen contestant has the option to accept or reject him/her. The rules of the show allow the contestant of the second group to pick their heart among the contestants from the first group who have already chosen another person from the second group (i.e., occurred in an episode originally broadcasted on January 20, 2011, in which the same male contestant was chosen by each of the five remaining female contestants; the male contestant chose each of the females, effectively rejecting the previously chosen females in the process, also as per the rules of the show).

Instances in which a person from the first group chooses the person from the second person they have already chosen happens from time to time, but less commonly in episodes in which the first group consists of four females at the start of the show.