Between Us

After taking a day off and staying home, Rodolfo Guerra realizes that his role has mostly focused on being the provider for his wife and three daughters. Secrets and lies are discovered and that makes them feel like perfect strangers living in the same home. They´ll discover that despite their disagreements, they love each other.

Based on the IP movie format “Aquí entre nos” which was one of the top 5 Mexican Box Office Films. It won more than 10 awards at International Film Festivals and was the No.1 Mexican Film streamed on Netflix, it is now distributed by Amazon and Pantaya.


This is the story of a middle-class Mexican family who came legally to LA because the father, Rodolfo, got a job offer. His wife, Miriam, is a stay at home mom raising 3 daughters. They’re both in their late 40’s.

It took one day for Rodolfo to stay home for him to realize that he is a complete stranger in his own home. Secrets and lies arise and the residence of the Guerra Family becomes a battlefield where everyone is trying to defend their own ideas.

What propels this show is the fact that the husband and wife have magnetic chemistry: tension pulls them apart and vice versa. So much so they could say: “I can’t live with or without you.”

The father, who has a lot of defects but a big heart, will realize that to regain his family’s trust, he is the one who needs to change first. Although the show portrays a very specific family, the theme is universal.