Bullet Man

A Mexican physics teacher’s extensive knowledge in aerodynamics coupled with his awkward social skills is challenged when he schemes the most unusual manner to cross the border, in order to reunite with his family in San Diego.
“A bullet knows no borders.”
Pepe Hernández is a physics professor in Sonora, Mexico, who receives three pieces of news that will change his life. He lost his job, his wife is finally pregnant, and his father-in-law, who lives in San Diego, is terminal with cancer. With no other option, Pepe and his wife decide to illegally cross the border; however, Pepe’s fear of being caught prevents him from succeeding.
This, in turn, causes the US paramilitaries (aka “private militia”) to catch the coyote hired by them. Now as a refugee in the Circus, Pepe trains to cross the border using the cannon of the Bullet Man, so he trains to cross the border using the one at the circus so that he can reunite with his wife and son. It all sounds doable… unless he is caught by Guadalupe, the head of the coyotes, who seeks revenge for the capture of his best man.