College Mom

Macarena Munoz, 45, faithfully married for 15 years and a mother of three teenagers goes after the dream she had prior to getting married and raising a family: She is going back to college!


From: Chile.
118 Episodes.
The show aired in: El Salvador, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.
Based on the hit TV series “Mamá Mechona.”


Macarena Munoz has happily devoted her life to her husband and 3 children, but her husband is always busy with work and her teenage kids avoid her.  Consequently, she feels lonely and empty.

During a family beach vacation, Macarena runs into some of her high-school classmates. They are all successful in various fields of work and Macarena feels something is missing—she lacks purpose.

When she goes for a swim and nearly drowns, she decides to change her life. For the first time, she thinks of herself and wants to go back to school to become a therapist.

Macarena prepares for the admission tests and applies to a private university behind her family’s back—in case she doesn’t get accepted. Much to her joy, she is accepted into the college. When she tells her husband and children, it causes a tremendous problem. The family is divided between supporting her determination or being afraid the house will fall apart if she doesn’t isn’t around to take care of it.

Macarena’s new social circle becomes a group of young students who are not much older than her children. As she gets to know them, she understands and accepts them despite the generation gap. She realizes that youth have changed over the years, and she must adapt to the new technology and slang.

On her first day at school, Macarena is ready to go and runs into her ex, Rafael, who is a teacher there. He was her first love and that one special summer is permanently imprinted on her mind.  It was reciprocated.  It was epic. It is an unresolved love story.  Although she would never admit it, Macarena has never been able to forget him. To make matters worse, her sister-in-law, who happens to be the head of the faculty, is dating Rafael.

For Macarena, the rekindling of this old flame, gives rise to doubts and confusion, while the tension her newfound freedom has created at home will put her marriage to the test. This causes conflicts in her family and puts their marriage at risk.


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