Count On Me

“Count on Me” is about an efficient, hard-working secretary called Anita, who is head-over-heels in love with her boss, Camilo. Out of the blue, it seems she will have a chance to realize her dreams when Camilo’s wife, Josefina, is informed she has cancer and picks Anita to be a mother to her children and wife to her husband when she is no longer around. 

This is a Chilean format that has aired 11 seasons with 106 episodes.

Ana María Rojas (Anita) is an executive secretary at Media Link, a market research company owned by Camilo Sarmiento, with whom Anita is secretly and hopelessly in love. Ana also organizes Camilo’s personal and family agenda. 

Anita will have the chance to realize her dreams of being with Camilo when his wife, Josefina, is diagnosed with cancer. Believing her days are numbered, Josefina enlists Anita, her husband’s efficient secretary, to look after Camilo and their seven children when she is gone. 

Camilo Sarmiento sees the world and judges people’s behavior in terms of statistics, yet his own life has somehow managed to contradict every scientific calculation. In time, Anita, too, has come to interpret her own reality in terms of the law of averages.  While other women use their horoscope or the tarot to make decisions, Anita uses percentages and polls to catalog people, choose her dates, and plan her work and life in general, often with surprisingly good results.

Josefina pressures Anita to seduce Camilo, who gradually begins to give in to her advances. The very same day Anita and Camilo’s lips lock in a passionate kiss, Josefina finds out her cancer is in remission. No longer faced with a death sentence, she tells Ana to abort their mission, but for Anita, it is too late. Her decision to continue fighting for Camilo turns Josefina’s former accomplice into a new and unexpected rival. 

The reappearance of an old flame of Camilo’s poses competition for Anita, who will be forced to reveal the feelings she has kept to herself all these years and that she is no longer willing or able to hide. 

Trailer (English subtitles)

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