This is a Colombian biographical series based on the life of the famous Colombian singers, Dynasty. The series narrates the history of singer/composer—Vallenato Kaleth Morales. From childhood, he began his musical career, which was influenced by the artistic and musical career of his parents.

This is a format that has run 74 episodes in Colombia.


In this story, Kaleth Morales is a singer who seeks to revolutionize the musical genre that runs in his blood. With passion and talent, he manages to captivate his fans as well as the heart of July Cuello; but his fate was already written long before he was born.

At age 22, a car accident leads to his death, a tragic event that will transport him spiritually to “El Limbo,” a journey of memories and old rivalries.

After the loss of his son, Miguel Morales, Kaleth’s father, begins a successful life as a composer and singer. The source of inspiration for his musical career comes from a vision where his eldest son, Kaleth, plays the guitar on top of a white raft.

Thus begins the legendary Morales Dynasty.


Episode 1