Family Doctor

Dr. Nacho Martin is a recent widower and is learning how to deal with his extended family. He has three children, María, Chechu and Anita. He also has his nephew, Alberto, and his father, Manolo, as well as his ever-present housekeeper Juani. Fortunately, he has the help of his long-time friend, Julito, and his late-wife’s sister—Alicia—who’s been secretly in love with him for ages.

One-Hour Dramedy

  • It was the most-watched show on Spanish TV for 9 seasons.
  • It also sold in Argentina, Norway, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Slovakia, Hungary, Mexico, Paraguay, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Germany, Russia, Finland, Portugal and Italy.
  • The Italian version is still running after 18 years.

Nacho Martin is a family doctor in a health center. His life suffered a turn when his wife passed away, leaving him a widower in charge of the three children: María, Chechu and Anita.

The series starts on the day the family moves to their new house—a place frequented by Alicia, Nacho’s sister-in-law, Julio who is Nacho’s lifelong friend, Juani and the family’s housekeeper, Poli, and her boyfriend.

Alicia’s relationship with the three children is exceptional. She came to fill in the space left by her sister and they adore her. Her relationship with her brother-in-law is also very good. Nacho trusts her so much that he could leave his children in her hands and it will be just fine.

Nacho starts dating Irene, a pediatrician in the same health center where he works. Nacho is smitten by Irene and has no idea that Alicia also has feelings towards him.