Free Pass

Tired of the routine, a couple decides to take a break. During this time, they have total freedom to interact with anyone they want.


The show aired in: Chile and El Salvador.
97 episodes.
• Winner for Best TV Show & Leading Female Actor at Copilhue de Oro.
• Winner for Leading Male Actor at Premios Caleuche.


Julieta and Gonzalo are a seemingly “perfect” couple. After seven years of marriage, those charming little quirks that held them together have become their worst nightmare today—keeping them on the verge of separation. As they seek counseling, their therapist advises them to get a “free pass,” a period of time where they can be alone and reevaluate everything they have to work on.

The rules are clear: three months apart without knowing the whereabouts of the other and with absolute freedom to do whatever and whomever they want… a tempting solution that will change their lives forever.


Episode 1

Episode 2