Games of Power

In a world of influence, political power and the search for justice, a confrontation is posed that bring with it a dilemma: How far will one go to defend their family?


From: Chile.
161 episodes.


Games of Power is a political-police drama that narrates the life of Mariano Beltrán, a new but powerful candidate for presidency.

During his political campaign, Mariano strongly emphasizes the that privileges of the politicians who feel entitled to bypass the law will end with him if he becomes president. However, Beltran will have to swallow his own words, when a tragedy in his family becomes the biggest obstacle he will have to overcome, not only as a politician but also as a father.

An intense drama that forces us to ask: How far would you go when your future and that of your family is at stake? How would you react if someone takes the life of one of your loved ones, without retribution? Lines are blurred between justice and revenge. Just what are the hidden secrets in the private life of a public figure who wants to occupy the most important position in the country?


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