He’s My Wife

This is the story of two best friends, Maximiliano and Roberto. Max is devastated since the death of his wife, Marisa. When Roberto suddenly dies, the spirit of Marisa takes over his body. Love continues.


From: Argentina.
10 episodes.
The show aired in: Argentina, but shot on locations in Buenos Aires for 10 episodes.
Also known as “Living With a Ghost.”


HE’S MY WIFE is a comedy about Maximiliano who cannot get over the death of his wife, Marisa.  He is also obsessed with the promise she made to him before she died: that she will return from the dead.  And when she succeeds, she has but one surprising characteristic: Marisa comes back to life in the body of Roberto, an infamous and womanizing actor, Max’s best friend and Marisa’s most-hated human being in the world.

Now that Robert is actually Marisa, Max lives with the spirit of his wife inside his best friend’s body.

When Roberto suddenly dies, Marisa enters his body. She and Maximiliano make an arrangement and they share an apartment so no one will suspect.  Max tries to teach Marisa to behave like a man, and not always successfully. They continue working on this while also assisting to ensure that Robert’s body and Marisa’s soul rest in peace. 

Disguising the situation from their friends/family is very difficult for them and there are always those who suspect that Max and “Marisa” are a gay couple.

Marisa must not only learn to behave like Roberto, but to deal with the messy life he had as a womanizer, a gambler with three ex-wives, children, and an acting career based on his masculinity. Roberto’s past condemns Marisa to mix up situations, both in comedy and drama.

Within this premise, even the most simple and everyday situations have a dramatic effect. Family visits, birthdays, work commitments, moments of affection, everything is tinted with anxiety.  “The happy couple” is concerned about what people will say, and especially the social disapproval and if someone exposes who they really are to each other.

There is no doubt that Max loves Marisa, but he must fight against his own prejudices when seen Roberto. When he manages to exteriorize himself from everything and looks into Roberto/Marisa’s eyes, when he manages to see what his feelings sincerely dictate, he sees Marisa’s love, clean and pure.


Episode 16

Episode 24