Martin’$ Money

Martin, a mobster businessman, gathers all his trusted men and, for the first time, his son, Martin Jr. is amongst them. Martin Sr. has big news to share. He has prostate cancer and two months left to live. Finally, Martin Jr., his adopted son, has a chance to step up and prove to his father that he is a worthy successor.



Fifteen years ago, Martin Sr. received an anonymous letter with a photo of a baby’s foot with six toes, just like him. Ever since he’s been wondering who sent that image, who is the mother of that baby and where is that kid now because there is no doubt it’s his.

Martin Sr. made a list of all the women he’s slept with for the past 30 years. He starts to search for his birth son, the true heir of his empire. Martin Jr. decides to accompany him to find that jerk and eliminate him.

Martin Sr.’s life is a story of sacrifice, work, bribery, blackmail and extortion. It’s the story of a successful self-made businessman with a strong personality.

Seven years ago, his wife of 35 years, Mercedes, died of cancer. After her passing, he became obsessed with his company, his true love. Now, Martin Sr., age 65, and in great health and vitality, is more active than ever and controls every single move of his company.

His son, Martin Jr. (40), is married to Esmeralda, an ungovernable and insensitive woman. He works in an outlying neighborhood as a coordinator for one of the family’s estates.

Martin Sr. never gave his son anything for free. He wanted him to fight for what he had. “Life is about having balls, and I am still trying to see where yours are.”