Men Cry Too

Javier is a man who thought he got everything he ever dreamed of: he was a bright young renowned doctor, and he married the most beautiful woman, Maria. However, this delightful and glamorous woman is high maintenance and does require large sums of money to cover her luxurious living standards.

This is a Colombian format that has aired 41 episodes in Colombian and Venezuela.
Javier is a doctor in his thirties whose energy does not stop despite working in a chaotic E.R. One day he decides he will move to the States, because Maria, his beautiful, sophisticated, and not-so-happy wife, convinced him to go after the American Dream. As she heads out to Miami, Javier stays home to sell all their belongings for their fresh start.
That’s how he meets Julia, a veterinarian who purchases his car. As he is ready to depart, Maria calls him to confess falling in love with someone else and ends their relationship. Homeless, unemployed, and now without a wife, Javier crashes into Luis and Laura’s living room, a young couple of first-time parents. Javier falls into a deep dark mental place and starts obsessing on finding Maria’s lover.
During this time, Javier becomes friends with Julia and her son Gabriel as they help him get back on his feet and move on. Javier goes through all the stages of loss and depression until he decides to take the reins of his life using different strategies that will help mend his heartbreak: he applies for a new job, dates other women, searches for himself… and fails, but always with the encouragement of his family, friends, and Julia. This goes on for a while until Javier stops whining and starts looking at Julia with different eyes.
Men Cry Too will be a whirlwind of laughs, romance, and a window into how men open their hearts and feel a lot, sometimes even more than women!

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