My Sweet Fat Valentina

A loving, overweight woman finds refuge in food, but later goes through a transformation journey into an admired woman who overcomes any obstacle life throws at her.

This format aired 180 episodes in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Panama, Chile, Bulgari, Bosnia, Spain, Peru, Mexico, US in Spanish, Paraguay, Italy, Slovakia, Rumania, Costa Rica, Japan, Jakarta, China, Honduras, Nicaragua, Salvador, Chech Republic, Turkey Hungary, Estonia, Thailand, France, Guinea, Canada, Australia and Malaga. There were also 3 versions of this format created in India, Mexico and Malaysia.


Valentina Villanueva Lanz is a sweet young woman with a great personality. All those who are lucky enough to know her, love her. It is fair to say that she has everything, except physical beauty. Although Valentina is overweight, her sense of self-worth doesn’t allow her body to get in the way of her determination.

Sadly, Valentina’s father passes away, leaving his grieving widow to care for her and their very successful business. Even more sadly, Valentina’s wealthy/alcoholic mother—Eva Lanz—is killed in an accident, leaving teenage Valentina by herself.

Fortunately, Valentina’s Aunt Olimpia (Mercouri) and Uncle Juan Ángel Villanueva “lovingly” take her in, but we come to find that life is not very loving under the Villanueva roof. Olimpia and Juan take over the family business and gradually Valentina realizes that her mother may, in fact, have been murdered by her own family to gain control of the business.

If it wasn’t for her cousin, Orestes Mercouri, Valentina wouldn’t know what to do. He becomes her one ally while his sisters are as conniving as their mother. Uncle Juan sits idly by, oblivious to the slings and arrows his children throw at their cousin. Valentina has never had the kind of support she gets from Orestes. In fact, her admiration for him starts to develop into a kind of love that she has never experienced. [Spoiler alert: We come to find out that Orestes isn’t Valentina’s cousin after all and their love then flourishes.]

Meanwhile, Valentina is afraid that she may be the next “statistic”, so she runs away from the Villanueva house to begin a journey to better herself and seek justice. She goes away to Spain for a year and when she returns, she looks spectacular. She is slim and trim and now her body is as beautiful as she is. looks completely different.

As Valentina is more determined than ever to expose Aunt Olimpia’s covert actions, she is afraid her earnest decisions to get at the truth may have jeopardized her relationship with the one love of her life, Orestes.


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