Number 10’s Mom

An inspirational story about how a young man became a professional football player against all odds and the sacrifices his mother made to help fulfill his dreams.

A One-Hour Drama
Shot on location in Mexico, this series ran 67 episodes in Colombia.


Number 10’s Mom tells the story of Tina Manotas, a beautiful and humble woman forced to leave her hometown because of problems her husband Edwin gets involved in. Edwin abandons her in the big city with their two sons where she must overcome difficulties and lack of money.

Tina sacrifices everything to make her son Victor’s dream of becoming a professional football player come true. Although the financial situation gets more complicated each day, Victor makes his mother a promise: “With my football, I will buy you a palace, dear Mother and I will take you to the sky.”

Several years later and after much success, Victor buys his mother an apartment at the Sky Building; however, with success comes haters, starting with her elitist neighbors who feel envious of Tina Manotas’ new and luxurious life.


Episode 1