One Step Forward

The story follows Lola, Pedro, Rober, Jero, Ingrid, Silvia and Marta. They want to be successful singers, dancers and actors, but they learn the road to fame is not an easy one. These “triple- threats-in-the-making will face the challenges of life and school ahead.


From: Spain.
The show aired in: over 70 countries including Germany, Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, France, Canada, and many in Latin America.


A group of young-adults strive for success in the Academy of Performing Arts. They live on campus as undergraduates, polishing their acting, singing and dancing abilities. Their teachers are the ones responsible for maximizing their talent and show them all they’re capable of.

The series portrays their experiences, tensions, romances and dreams. Their success, personally and professionally, will take a lot of tears, sweat and sacrifice.  Sadly, not everyone will make it; no one said becoming a star was easy.


Episode 8