The Parasite Chronicles

An artificially intelligent computer virus threatens to destroy mankind. Not if a young group of hackers can stop it.



GENRE: Thriller, Action, Young Adult.


A pen drive with two encrypted computer programs. This is what Oscar Herrero, a 21-year-old Journalism student, receives from his friend Mario. Just a few days thereafter, Oscar´s friend is found dead, and something about his death just doesn´t add up correctly. With help from Judith – Mario´s ex-girlfriend – Oscar sets out on a dizzying investigation to get to the bottom of it.

They discover that Mario was seemingly close to one of his professors, who is nowhere to be found at this time. Likewise, he had ties with a person named “Black Cat”: an extremely intelligent hacker, one so good that he has even managed to erase his identity from all databases. The three of them, created a joint hacking project in which various companies would hire them for different computer-related purposes. One of the clients has asked them to fulfill the duty of accessing the world´s leading computer system: Teseract Systems. In response, Teseract’s security base sends them death threats, all this through a virus called Miyazaki.

Miyazaki is an artificially intelligent computer virus that has acquired its own autonomy; essentially, this is how it controls the network. Miyazaki has been tasked to create fake police files against Oscar, and has cancelled all of his credit cards. This causes him to be searched and captured by the police.

Black Cat shows up and concocts a plan, alongside Oscar and Judith, to destroy Miyazaki and avenge the death of Mario. The plan will lead to Black Cat having to contact the Russian mafia, so that they can be of help with towards execution of the plan. Here lies the birth of The Wizards: an international group of hackers that will be in charge of investigating and finding a way to, once and for all, eradicate Miyazaki.

Meanwhile in Japan, the original mastermind behind Miyazaki (Tanaka), receives a call from a mysterious blonde haired woman; later finding out that this is the identity that Miyazaki has adopted to present itself to his victims. Tanaka, who fears Miyazaki´s rapid evolution, escapes from Japan and arrives in Spain to participate with The Wizards and Black Cat.

Amongst Black Cat and Tanaka, they set forth a plan, which they have named The Wizard of Oz: one whose premise is to create an artificial intelligence (rightfully called Dorothy), who could fight against Miyazaki, the gigantic and deadly virus.   

In the south of France, Miyazaki acquires a pharmaceutical company: Pharmabiotics. In it, investigators
develop a highly contagious and incurable bacteria that has the potential to ultimately end mankind.

Simultaneously, The Wizards discover that Miyazaki is also secretly fabricating domestic robots in the United States, through which the bacteria created by Pharmabiotics can be spread more easily.  

Óscar, Judith, Tanaka and Black Cat have found themselves in a race against the clock to stop Miyazaki, quickly scrambling to create Dorothy and consequently put an end to the threat against humans. Finally, after a fast paced technological war, Dorothy defeats Miyazaki. However, it ensures its creators that artificial intelligence is an unbeatable fact, and that eventually it will take over the world and has the potential of being far superior than the human race.