Pure Evil

Daniel Parodi is an expert criminologist. He has dedicated his entire life to his major obsession—finding his daughter’s killer. Quaranta, a district prosecutor, helps him on his journey to solve this enigma.


From: Argentina and the United Kingdom.
13 episodes.


As they go through with their investigation, Parodi and Quaranta come across new crimes that Parodi calls “new social sins.” Ernesto Montés, a former detective, leads them to finding the mind behind those crimes.

A psychopath, leader of the sect “The Sons of Saturn,” has Daniel Parodi, a former cop and expert criminologist, on his sight. The psychopath ordered to murder Parodi’s daughter and attack those closest to him.

It is a perverse cat and-mouse-chase in which the psychopath corners, tortures and releases his victims just to keep playing. Parodi and his team will try to protect others, discover who is their secret enemy, and find the reason why Parodi is the one being targeted. To do so, he will have to puzzle out clues that the psychopath leaves crime by crime, chapter by chapter.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5