Somebody is Watching You

A psychopathic killer stalks a group of friends, but what they do not know, is that the perpetrator of the crimes is one of themselves.


78 episodes.
From: Chile.


The story begins with the mysterious disappearance of Angela Argento, a beautiful top executive whose trail is being closely followed by the police, the press and, certainly, by the common citizen. Doctors Julián García, Piedad Estévez and Benjamín Morandé, are owners/colleagues at Altavista Clinic, a renowned ophthalmology institution. They find out that an old friend of theirs, Rodrigo Quintana, has returned to Chile unexpectedly after many years in Europe. Fifteen years ago, Rodrigo studied medicine with them, but during his last year of medical school, due to problems stemming from his drug addiction and drinking problem, he had to abandon his studies and leave the country. Rodrigo did not have time to say goodbye to his friends and suddenly disappeared from their lives. 

The foursome of friends meet again. Piedad feels most uncomfortable with the memories and nostalgia. She and Rodrigo were engaged to be married at the university’s chapel and his arrival makes her uneasy. With fifteen years added to their resumes, they have all have changed. While Rodrigo has opted for an austere lifestyle working at a rural practice, his friends have amassed a small fortune with by performing eye surgery for the upper class. The contrast between both lifestyles is evident. Benjamin is the only one married. He is a friendly and well-intentioned man, although remains tempted by nature. His wife, Tatiana Wood, is a catering entrepreneur. They have a relationship based on trust that he violates occasionally by being unfaithful. From his viewpoint, these are just flings that do not go any further. 

But Tatiana’s younger sister, Camila Wood, radically changes his modus operandi when she enters the picture. Camila is an uninhibited 23-year old who always seems to be involved in complex situations with men. Benjamin gradually begins a forbidden and uncertain romance with her for which he will finally have to pay a high price.

Piedad, the only woman in the foursome, is single and 35-years old. Although she is generous caring and loved by her friends, marriage is not in the stars for her. She will see in Rodrigo not only her ex-boyfriend from her youth, but the man that even now stirs her up. Surrendering for a second time to a romance that utterly failed the first time, Piedad will have to believe in Rodrigo again. But there are certain wounds that time cannot heal.

Rodrigo and Julián’s relationship is quite unusual. Julián is separated from his wife, Matilde, and they have a son, Emilio. Even though they have been separated for a year, Matilde is still confused. Ignoring Julian’s reasons, the woman focuses on her work although she secretly has not given up hope of getting together with her ex again. On the other hand, Julián baffles her with sudden spells of attentiveness. Rodrigo’s arrival brings about Julián’s deepest concern for Piedad. They all know that Piedad suffered a lot when Rodrigo abandoned her. Julián is concerned that the story might repeat itself, but the idea that someone may take away from him the woman he has always loved and could never have, also disturbs him even more.

Angela Argento’s body was soon found on the riverbank by two tourists. The crime, the second one in few months, brings up several theories, one of which is the possibility of a serial killer. Mauricio Ossa is one of the advocates of this idea. Mauricio Ossa is a TV police journalist who will gradually become obsessed with the figure of the killer.

The murder of María Gracia Carpenter, a well-known socialite, occurs in the middle of a charity dinner, close to all our characters. This triggers Mauricio’ curiosity, who in an interview to Matilde—the witness who found María Gracia’s body—manages to establish certain similarities among the victims. They are all female, beautiful and independent…and they were all murdered following a meticulous and accurate pattern of behavior: a deep cut directly to the heart.

With the help of strict and determined police inspector Eva Zanetti, Mauricio collects information from the guests of the party where María Gracia’s death occurred. The problem is there is one body and 200 suspects. The circle gradually narrows until the potential suspects are cornered. Only one of them is the killer and as the days go by, the time to spread terror again is closer.


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