Stockholm narrates in-depth the criminal, judicial, and mediatic investigation of a young woman in the hands of a human trafficking network. A corrupt D.A., an undercover agent, and a journalist will unravel this police plot that combines suspense, drama, and action. In this story, the law and justice are opposite sides of the story.


From: Argentina.
13 episodes.
The show aired in: Argentina and Latin America.


Rosario Santa Cruz is a famous journalist and the host of the most-watched news show in the country. One day, she decides to focus her show on human trafficking stories. It makes her journalistic investigation clash with the ambition of influencing people, including some of her family members that own the TV station.

Franco Bernal is the District Attorney in charge of the disappearance of a young woman. He meets with Gonzalo Casas, an undercover agent with some hooligans. Gonzalo is the one that warns Rosario that her investigations will open the door to a hidden and violent world where there is no goodness, justice ends and the only thing that persists is bondage, dominance and submission/sadomasochism.

During the first season, Rosario gets kidnapped and kept in captivity. She will fall in love with her abductor, the undercover agent. She also discovers that she is the daughter of a woman held captive. Teresa Garmendia, the current ringleader and the person Rosario wants to take down, turns out to be her biological mother. Rosario Santa Cruz is, in fact, a child of trafficking.

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