The Boarding School

Students at a boarding school find that the school is full of mysteries and secrets—where nothing and no one are what they seem to be, and the truth is more complex than anyone could ever imagine.

As a one-hour drama thriller, this format is from Spain and aired 7 seasons in Mexico, Peru, Europe, Serbia, Montenegro, Portugal, Macedonia, Iran and Kurdistan. There were also 2 versions of this format created in Russia and France.


The plot of this suspense-thriller/mystery story takes place at Laguna Negra, an elite boarding school. Isolated and surrounded by an eerie forest, teachers, students and staff live together as one big family. Inside the school, amazing stories, adventures, mysterious tales and love will unravel.

However, there are many hidden secrets behind the school’s walls: a group of students will carry out a series of investigations related to the death of one of their teachers.


Episode 1