The Serranos

Diego and Lucia reconnect after many years, fall in love and get married. They didn’t expect the many adventures of their new household with her two daughters and his 3 children.

A one-hour comedy format from Spain that aired 8 seasons.

  • Sold in more than 20 countries: France, Finland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Chile, Uruguay, México, US and Puerto Rico. etc.
  • It was a big hit in Finland where the DVD of the series is still in stores.
  • It was adapted in 9 countries.  In Italy, “Il Cesaroni” is one of the most successful and awarded series ever with 6 seasons and 142 episodes.
  • It aired in Spain for 8 seasons.
  • In Serbia, “Sindjelici” is in its 6th season/229 episodes.
  • It is also successful in Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Croatia and the Czech Republic.
  • It is currently in the adaptation production process in Slovenia and Bulgaria.

Lucia and Diego were each other’s first loves and high school sweethearts. But fate had other plans for them. Lucia got married and had two girls. She is now divorced. Diego got married, had three boys and widowed. Twenty years later, they reconnect and the old flame came back to life. As they get married, all seven of them will start a new family. Seven people and seven personalities will learn to live together under one roof.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 33

Episode 61