The Waiting List

This is a medical drama set in a Transplant Unit. This show narrates the day-to-day of the medical unit at the hospital. It goes beyond their profession and showcases their relationships and personal experiences.

A one-hour medical Spanish drama seen in a Virtual Machine Environment for US Hispanic and Globoplay Brazil.


The Waiting List is the fictionalized story of the Transplant Unit at Francisco Balmis Hospital, which specializes in extreme emergency cases. These cases will not only test our leading characters as doctors, but also as human beings, for the donation process usually poses some moral issues.

The series shows how these doctors celebrate their successes and how they deal with their failures, focusing especially on the relationships amongst them. Work in a Transplant Unit is very demanding and since there is hardly any time left to have a life outside the hospital, it is only natural that they socialize within it. Clashes, ego conflicts, love relationships between assistants, surgeons, nurses, and even patients will be the daily lot at Francisco Balmis Hospital.


Episode 1