Vote Juan

“The Suits” were looking for a serious, charismatic politician. But they got Juan.

This format is from Spain that has two seasons, Aired in Spain and US (in Spanish).

Nominations: Platino Award for best Actor in an Ibero- American Miniseries or Teleseries

Fotogramas de plata for best TV Actor.


Juan For President is one of Spain’s first forays into political comedy, a television genre with quite a long tradition beyond our borders.

The series focuses on Juan Carrasco, a not-too-bright Minister of Agriculture who decides to run for leader of his party.

That said, he isn’t alone in the attempt. He’s got the invaluable help of a campaign team who, just like their leader, will try to offset their lack of experience and political savvy with a healthy dose of guile and off-the-cuff improvisation. Will Juan Carrasco manage to become President of the Government?


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