Why Blame Fatmagül?

Fatmagül is a smart and hardworking woman from a coastal town who is joyfully planning her upcoming wedding with her long-time fiancé. Her plans come to an abrupt stop when she runs into a group of local rich boys who are drunk and stoned and they attack and rape her.


This Turkish series has been an international phenomenon airing successfully in 149 countries and now, an adaptation is in development for Antena 3 in Spain that will air by the end of the year.

  • Fatmagul is an adaptation of Vedat Turkali’s novel.
  • References: Big Little Lies & Revenge

This drama tells the story of Fatmagül, a young woman who lives in a seaside town. She is very excited to marry her fiancé and childhood love, Mustafa, a local fisherman.

After a night partying, three young men cross paths with Fatmagül. They never thought that the teasing of this girl would turn into a rape, but sadly, it did; and Fatmagül’s life changes drastically.

With so much confusion and distrust, Mustafa breaks off their engagement. To save her family’s honor, Fatmagül is forced to marry Kerim, one of the men she saw before fainting that traumatic night. Truth be told, Kerim is not guilty, and he will try to convince his new wife that he did not rape her and that the actual criminals are carrying on with their lives.

Can these two people learn to love each other after having an arranged marriage? The newlyweds move to the big city, and so does Mustafa, who can’t forget Fatmagül. At the same time, Kerim falls in love with Fatmagül and supports her while seeking revenge toward those men.


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