With Your Pants Down

With Your Pants Down showcases stories of unemployment, a bad divorce, mishandling your 401k, a repossessed home and people who would rather live outside banking rules.  It is a comedy whose purpose is to show that wit and optimism can make things better.

“Home” is a trailer park with mobile homes, campers, and recreational vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  The characters—citizens of this community—include an unlicensed doctor, a middle-aged man on strike, a divorcee, a door-to-door salesman and a father with a repossessed home.

The trailer park has stopped being a place for hippies and outlaws—it’s a way of life.


From Spain.
42 episodes.
The show aired in: Spain, Finland and Latin America.


Is living in a trailer park the best way to get out of a crisis?

Hardships have forced many people to start over, whether it’s at work, a relationship, or a place to live.  A place twenty minutes outside the city, once a camping site and now a trailer park, is home to a group of people who haven’t given up yet and are fighting for a second chance.

With Your Pants Down exposes that trailer parks are no longer homes to hippies and outcasts and it’s now a way of living for all walks of life. This peculiar place can sometimes feel like a hyena den. It can be a ruthless place in which everyone seeks their own benefit; however, the minute someone from the outside threatens any of its residents, they all come together and, with a strong sense of comradery, defend their peeps.


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