Zerosterone is a dystopian drama vision of a future without men.

Drama / Thriller
From France. Created by four women Nadja Anane, Éléonore Costes, Sandy Lobry and Marion Séclin.


When the series begins, 108 years have passed since a chemical war eliminated all the men.  The world was reorganized under a female majority and the last few sperm banks. Men now form part of natural history relegated to theme parks where they are studied with bemusement by women who never even had a father.

Every woman is obliged to be artificially inseminated or they will be shunned by society and forced to live a life in hiding. Lucie reluctantly heads for her appointment at the sperm bank along with her sister Charlie.

On their way to the appointment, they are taken hostage by Gabrielle who is a fugitive.  She is on the run from the state lab where she and other women have been used as lab rats. It is her quest to find the last man on Earth.

The three women are thrust together, with the aid of a robot on a hilarious and dangerous road trip. On the run from the policewomen, Sarah, Barbara and the evil dictator Governor Kim are searching for the truth about the last man on Earth.


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