Our Very Own Nancy Cartwright’s MasterClass!

We could not be more proud of all of the hard work everyone put in to make this project happen! Go check it out!

Emmy Winner Nancy Cartwright Launches CRE84U Entertainment

“We seek to cultivate fresh and original stories from Latin America and Europe to recreate them in the North American market.” – Monica Gil-Rodriguez, CEO


Celebrating the life of an icon on Mexican TV and a pioneer in kid’s television in Mexico. Thanks to her, Burbujas was the project she created that broke through barriers and impacted many generations in Latin America. Burbujas was the first television show to sensibilize kids from all generations about the environment. She is one of the most brilliant minds and legends in Latin American Television.


Señal spoke with Monica Gil Rodriguez and Jaime Aymerich about the 2020 launch of the production company, CRE84U. The CEO and President discussed sales plans and strategies, along with expectations for the slate in the near future.

‘Borrego’ Starts Shooting in Spain; Clear Horizon Boards Sales Ahead of AFM

“We are delighted to begin production on ‘Borrego’ alongside our producing partners. As a Latinx filmmaker, it is empowering to be at the helm of such a unique story with wonderful on camera representation of the Latinx community,” said Monica Gil-Rodriguez, the president and CEO of Spotted Cow Entertainment.

Cre84U seeks ideas from Latin America and Europe to bring to the US

Monica Gil, CEO of Cre84U Entertainment, details to ttvnews the model of the newly launched production company, which has the backing of Nancy Cartwright (The Simpsons).

Nancy Cartwright Launches CRE84U Entertainment

The Simpsons’ Nancy Cartwright is launching TV and film production co-venture CRE84U Entertainment with producing partner Monica Gil-Rodriguez, and Jaime and Carolina Aymerich.

Emmy Nomination!

Congratulations to CRE84U Co-founder Nancy Cartwright for her third Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance in the 72nd Emmy Awards Nominations!

Julie and the Phantoms

Congratulations to CRE84U founding partner Jaime Aymerich on the announcement of his new musical dramedy, JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS. Aymerich will be Executive Producing alongside the legendary Kenny Ortega. We can’t wait for the Netflix premiere on September 10th!

Video Game Club

A family composed of two cockroaches and a piece of already-chewed-gum runs a beer bar inside an abandoned videogame console.

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