Nancy Cartwright Launches CRE84U Entertainment

The Simpsons’ Nancy Cartwright is launching TV and film production co-venture CRE84U Entertainment with producing partner Monica Gil-Rodriguez, and Jaime and Carolina Aymerich.

Julie and the Phantoms

Congratulations to CRE84U founding partner Jaime Aymerich on the announcement of his new musical dramedy, JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS. Aymerich will be Executive Producing alongside the legendary Kenny Ortega. We can’t wait for the Netflix premiere on September 10th!

Emmy Nomination!

Congratulations to CRE84U Co-founder Nancy Cartwright for her third Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance in the 72nd Emmy Awards Nominations!

Video Game Club

A family composed of two cockroaches and a piece of already-chewed-gum runs a beer bar inside an abandoned videogame console.

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