31 Minutes

A “news show” featuring only puppets. In its 31-minutes of run-time, it includes societal pieces, interviews, a musical ranking and lots of fun for kids and adults alike. This news show is hosted by Tulio Trivino who tries to report the news humorlessly, but he simply can’t.


From: Chile.
68 episodes.
The show aired in: Latin America.
• Nominated for an Emmy Award.
• Released 5 albums with original songs.
• Winner of Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano for Best Young Audience Show.
• Premiered in 2018 its original movie “31 Minutes – The Movie.”
• Acclaimed 2012 World Tour “Radio Guaripolo, Romeo and Juliet, Tremendous Tulio Tour” takin on the most iconic stages in Chile, Mexico, Lollapalooza, and Festival de la Cancion de Vina del Mar.

31 Minutes is about an unacclaimed news show hosted by puppets. Each episode touches on various topics, including ordinary life, social commentary, the environment, the country, and the world. However, as much as the newscast tries to take itself seriously, it’s simply impossible.
Some of their stories are quite ridiculous and even super-silly, while others can be educational or with a very implicit message. This show is hosted by Tulio Triviño, an egocentric and ignorant host who’s occasionally joined by Juan Carlos Bodoque, the star reporter who’s passionate about horse racing and by the floor manager, Juanin Juan Harry, who is in charge of all the behind the scenes.

31 Minutes Trailer (English Subtitles)

31 Minutes Episode 19

31 Minutes Series 2, Episode 4

31 Minutes Series 2, Episode 7

31 Minutes, Viña del Mar Festival 2013 Full Presentation