40 & 20

A comedy series about a divorced dad who likes younger women, and his son who likes older women.


From: Mexico.
61 episodes.
The show aired in: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Belize. 


Paco, a 40-year-old-divorced-father, shares his immature party-life with his 20-year old son, Fran. Paco seems to be interested in younger women while Fran seems to prefer mature ones. They live together with their housekeeper, Tona. Even though she takes care of daily chores, she is not the best at her job and tends to make mistakes.

This fun and dysfunctional household will experience all kinds of entanglements. Between dealing with their love lives, mid-life and quarter-life crises, and a resentful ex-wife, this household will live great adventures.


Episode 1

Episode 2