A Nice, Normal Family

A seemingly “traditional” family is composed of five unrelated children with hidden supernatural powers.

This is a format from Spain that’s been aired 3 seasons in Spain, Portugal, and China. The format was also done in Mexico.

  • This show aired in Turkey and Mexico and also in Spain for 3 seasons.
  • It sold in more than 30 countries.
  • Winner at FesTVal
  • Winner as a best Series at Zapping awards
  • Winner of best Series at Premio de la Asociacion de Teleespectadores y Radioyentes

There is a nice, normal family with a mom and a dad and 5 perfectly normal kids… or at least they seem normal.

Sandra, Carlos, Lucia, Lucas and a juvenile delinquent known as “The Snake” are your average, run-of-the-mill kids. They are going to school, Twittering and InstaGramming their besties. Everything is just fine… until each one realizes that something strange is happening.

One kid bends spoons and open doors with just a thought. Two others run right through walls. Another stops cars catapulting toward her at 65 mph. And the last suddenly becomes invisible. They realize that they actually have supernatural powers that they normally only see in the movies.

They realize that they need to protect themselves and each other, so they come together, pretending to be a normal family—even though their supernatural powers constantly challenge themselves and each other.


Episode 1

Episode 2