A group of young singers and dancers fight for the same dream—to graduate from the exclusive LeBlanc Arts Academy. It is a journey full of adventures, where they share their challenges and victories, but also discover competitiveness, jealousy and sometimes even failure. Between love triangles and the artistic demands, Amango is a show that reminds us that there is always a way to make dreams come true.


The show aired in: Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.


The new school year has begun at the LeBlanc Arts Academy, a school that only admits the best singers and dancers out of hundreds of applicants.

Felipe and Magdalena are admitted after a strict audition process. They soon realize that their artistic abilities aren’t the only things they are passionate about. Their personal connection is instant, and their love for each other will be a constant challenge, possibly veering them off the path to achieving their dreams.

They will meet friends like Eduardo, Feña, Kika, Renato, Paloma, Sebastian and Kevin. This group of friends will share their emotions, as well as the conflicts and obstacles they will face. They will juggle love and friendship while competing against each other for the next year’s roster. That said, there is a time and a place for dreams to come true, and they will learn that along the way.