Ana’s Revenge

Nearly 30 years after her mother’s murder, a political strategist launches a calculated plan to get revenge and ruin the Colombian presidential candidate who killed her mom.



From: Colombia.
60 episodes.
The show aired in: Latin America.


Analía is a beautiful woman who decides to get revenge against her mother’s killer, presidential candidate, Guillermo León Mejía. She travels abroad and prepares to become the most important political advisor in the country. After extensive research and study, she returns home and becomes Mejía’s right-hand man and strategist. Her plan consists in gaining his trust and placing him first in the polls, only to then destroy him by shedding light on his past and his corruption and illegal actions. Her goal is to have him not only lose the presidency, but also his freedom.

In her road to vengeance, Analía faces many truths that will put her decision to a test. Among those, the possibility that by destroying the man she hates, she might have to also destroy the only man she has ever loved, Pablo de la Torre—the candidate’s most important political advisor and right-hand man.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3