On Another Level

This is a musical contest and it begins with the selection of a limited group of performers and singers who will face each other in a series of duels. The goal is to progress in the competition, one level at a time, to become the winners of an amazing prize.


From: Colombia.
The show is airing in: Honduras, Ecuador, Managua and Costa Rica.


On Another Level is an original musical format from Caracol Television which gathers the best professional singers in the country who are looking for their “big break”. The competition starts with one singer going inside an elevator located on the First Level and singing a song for 90 seconds. Simultaneously, on the Third Level, three judges are listening in front of a live audience. If at least 2 of them like the performance, they press a giant button, lifting the elevator with the singer up to the stage directly in front of them, where the contestant’s family, the three judges and the audience await.

The selected singers will put their talent to the test in Round Two, when they perform along with other singers the same song but in different musical genres (i.e. Pop, Rock, Latin, country etc.) In these fusions, the participants will have to work as a team to give an incredible performance, creating a version that the audience has never heard before. When they finish the song, one member of the group will be eliminated, and the remaining contestants will continue to ascend to the next level until they are part of the four finalists. In other words, the contestants will be eliminated, one by one, and will keep moving up another floor (level) on the elevator until only 4 contestants remain. At that time, the last four will do a competition and the audience will vote who wins. The winner walks away with a national concert tour, and also a record deal by a known record label.


Episode 1