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Trini is a singer who has toured Spain for many years, but a tragic event makes her return to the town she grew up in. Sing-Along reminds us that when going through tough times, music can bring back a smile on your face. Life is made up of second chances.


From: Spain.


Trini is a singer who has been touring the country for years. She returns home after finding out that her sister has a terminal illness. She will reunite with her family in the town she grew up in. While there, she runs into Juanjo, her ex-boyfriend and owner of the recently closed karaoke bar.

After returning home, Trini will have to take care of her nephews, confront her estranged father and encourage Juanjo to reopen his business. After all, the karaoke bar is the perfect gathering place for the community/family to listen to music, sing and help them cope with their lives. It is a show that will inspire, give hope and remind us of the power of music.


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