Blood Pact

The life of four lifelong friends changes drastically after there is an accidental homicide at the bachelor party of one of them.


133 episodes.
The show aired in: Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Salvador and Peru.


  • It was the most nominated TV Show at the Premios Caleuche Awards, garnering Best Male Lead, Female Lead and Supporting Actress.

A group of friends go on a trip for the bachelor party for one of them. To celebrate, they hire an exotic dancer. The party gets out of control as the young dancer dies under strange circumstances.

The group of friends decides to hide the body, return home to act as if nothing happened. To further complicate the situation, they discover that the dancer was underage. All this is going on while the young dancer’s mother embarks on a desperate search with the police to find her daughter.


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