Odisea Burbujas is a fun and educational show about a scientist and his assistants (a toad, a lizard, a bumblebee, and a small mouse) traveling, researching, and exploring different realities. They focus on finding answers to all kinds of questions while looking for ways to improve the world. Ecoloco, their nemesis, is a passionate advocate of pollution and garbage. 



From: Mexico.
170  episodes.
The show aired in: Latin America.
• Ondas Award of the Spanish Society of Radio and TV Leyenda Awards at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award.


Ecoloco has been perfecting ways to pollute and damage all ecological efforts on Earth with the help of his minions, Cuquita Cucaracha, and Carolo Acaro, who are constantly looking for ways to recruit new followers. Funny how they were not expecting Burbujas would return to Earth with increased knowledge and new gadgets to fight Ecoloco. After a long journey through space, Burbujas returns to help save the planet Earth. He is faced with all the evil Ecoloco has spread throughout the world. 

Burbujas will stop him and, in the process, will teach everyone the many fun ways to help the planet. Sometimes he has special guests. 

The episodes are intended to raise awareness in both children and adults about the current situation on our planet, as well as to prove the small changes can have a big impact.