First Lady

Sabina Astudillo is an ordinary, young, and ambitious woman who is willing to do anything to seduce Leonardo Santander, a presidential candidate, to become the First Lady of Chile.



From: Chile.
127 episodes.
The show aired in: Chile, France (known as Première Dame), Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Guatemala, Salvador and Colombia.


Sabina Astudillo comes from a very small town. She wishes to be famous and incredibly wealthy. Tired of being stuck in a rut of a town, she leaves and heads out to the big city in search of a better life.

This is where she meets Leonardo Santander, the presidential candidate whose run for office looks very promising. Sabina, being very ambitious, sets her eyes on him and orchestrates a plan to get close to him. She has the help of Anibal, owner of the theater where she works and Domingo, a stylist who will teach her ways to capture a man’s attention.

Once everything is in place, their plan goes into action.

However, Sabina didn’t expect to end up falling in love with Mariano, a young local theater director. Sabina falls in love for the first time, but realizes that she has to decide between her ambition and true love.

Thanks to lies and manipulation, Sabina becomes the First Lady. This accomplishment brings out envy and secrets that will threaten all that she achieved.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3