The story centers around five women ages 30-50 years old who meet each other through bankruptcy. Their meeting creates an emotional, economic and effective change in their lives and takes them on a new, unexpected path.


From: Argentina.
173 episodes. 


Back in 2007, as of yet friends, Monica, Maria Emilia, Lorena, Laura, and Andrea meet when the bank in which they had invested their personal finances suddenly shuts down and retains the money from their clients’ accounts. The dreams and projects of their investments are pretty much gone.
Fast-forward, seven years later, the five women become close friends, but they have not yet been able to recover from that loss. Together, they eagerly seek economic and emotional order. It will take a new and unexpected path in their lives so they can reflect deeply on their personal stories. It feels like a second chance at life: to fall in love and build a family, find their true vocation, or simply overcome their biggest fears. Beyond perfection, they are Gorgeous.


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