Macarena is a hypochondriac who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. After losing all hope, she changes her mind and decides to make the best out of her remaining days.  She starts to do things she has never done before, when her doctor realizes he had misdiagnosed her.  


120 episodes.
The show aired in: Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Lebanon, Nigeria, Bolivia, Quito, Honduras, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.
• Winner for Telenovela Promotion at Promax Latin-America.
• Winner for Production & Leading Male Actor at Clic Caracol.


Macarena Gonzalez strongly believes she’s inherited a strange neurological illness from her mother. She believes that it will make her die young which is why any sort of symptom is a sign of her pending doom. When she visits Dr. Alejandro Pulido he tells her the one thing she always knew was going to happen: she only has 6 months to live. Instead of being a victim, Macarena takes matters into her own hands and starts to do all the things she has on her bucket list. She quits her job, spends all her savings, doing things she has never done before and even asks J.J., her boyfriend, to put a ring on it. The problem is that she is not dying.  Doc Alejandro accidentally confused her results with another patient.

Doc Alejandro decides to withhold the truth at first. He doesn’t want to put his career and prestige at risk. From that moment on, he does whatever it takes to keep Macarena close by and tries to keep her from doing anything too crazy while he faces the music and accepts his mistake. Along the way, he falls for Macarena’s authenticity, while, simultaneously, she discovers that life has so much more to offer. Inevitably, she falls in love with Doc Alejandro.  Sorry J.J.   But what will happen the moment she discovers that he has been lying to her for months and she still has a long life to live?


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