I’m Betting on You

This is a reality show based on a person’s ability. The contestant who presents the most surprising, original and rare act will win a huge cash prize.

The innovative aspect of the show is the way the game is played.  Judges will bet on each contestant’s act before they attempt it. The amount of money involved depends on the uniqueness and skill required by the act.


From: Chile.
36 episodes.
120 min per episode.
The show is currently airing in: Bolivia, Peru, Belgium, Spain, Italy and France.


The contestants will be introduced to a panel of three celebrity judges where they will then proceed to describe their own abilities.

Depending on the rarity of this act, the panel will “bet to see” that act, offering up a certain amount of money provided to each judge to “play with.”

The contestant has a predetermined amount of time (for taping reasons) depending on the complexity of their act. If they complete their act, they will win the money in play.

The show starts with 16 contestants and with each episode, an elimination occurs. The season ends with the few who remain in the Grand Finale. Winner takes all.