The members of the Joint Intelligence Group are prepared to change their images, personalities and habits to infiltrate the most dangerous criminal organizations and solve all kinds of cases.


From: Colombia.
The show aired in: more than 55 countries in Europe, Africa, and Latin America.


On his birthday, Colonel Espinosa, head of the Joint Intelligence Group at the National Police of Colombia, is murdered by a gang stealing a supermarket. He is replaced by Major Monica Umaña who was soon to be promoted to lieutenant colonel.

Umaña with the team left by Espinosa must solve his murder. The investigation is joined long with Major Ramón García – who was brought to the team by request of General José Fernández, a man she had an affair years before.

The Joint Intelligence Group is ready to change its image, personality, and character to infiltrate in varied crime organizations to solve these types of cases. This group will constantly demonstrate the skill and fearlessness needed to face the most gruesome criminals with the objective of solving the toughest cases.


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