It Was Worth It!

When an independent businesswoman must unexpectedly take care of a peculiar little girl, her life will be forever changed.

From: Chile.
73 episodes.


Rosario Garcia, a successful real estate developer, has her life transformed when 12-year old Ema appears in her life after losing her mother. Loreto, Ema’s mother was Rosario’s former schoolmate. Loreto left a letter pleading to her friend to take care of her daughter if anything were to happen to her.

This is how Rosario becomes a mom overnight. She has her hands full – taking over all of the new parenting responsibilities while protecting Ema from her delinquent father, Sergio. And let’s not forget an activist that will try to stop all of her work projects that are harmful to the environment.

Trailer (English subtitles)

Episode 1 (English subtitles)