Juan and His Heart

A lawyer is jilted in love and must confront his anthropomorphic heart’s counter-intentions to win the love of a woman who is just not interested.



13  episodes.
A 2D animated series.


Juan (32) is a ruthless divorce lawyer with pretty “flexible” ethics. Some years ago, Juan was abandoned at the altar on his wedding day. Because of that trauma, his heart left his body, literally, as an anthropomorphic being with legs and arms. Needless to say, his identity is the same as his name.

Now Juan and Heart share a life of partying and excess, without caring much about anything or anyone but himself…that is, until Juan meets Jacinta. She is a couple years younger than Juan and an up-and-coming cardiologist who has no time for love.

Juan, however, feels alive again, complete with butterflies in his stomach and all smiles on his face. But Heart knows that this is a big problem…for himself, of course. You see, if Juan falls in love and it’s reciprocated, Heart will have to return to Juan’s body, and his life as an independent being will end forever. Will Juan be able to love again? Will Jacinta give Juan some space in her busy life? Will Heart be able to prevent all that and keep his life of partying and… well, more partying? And ultimately, can one live a better life without a “Heart”?