My Lucky Day

Obsessed with the singer Héctor Lavoe, Toño is sent on a mission from his sister:  Find the businessman who brought him to Lima and ask him to go to Callao to visit her.


From: Peru.

The show aired in Latin America.

1986, Perú. Toño is an amateur singer, but above all, he is an impersonator of the acclaimed singer Héctor Lavoe. Toño has spent his entire life trying to meet him. Toño is very devoted to him and he strongly believes that his songs are written for him. One day, Héctor Lavoe travels to Peru and Toño will do the impossible to meet him and finally break his streak of bad luck. This adventure will involve meeting the president, sailing with mermaids, being surrounded by armed groups. There are many obstacles to overcome, but finally it seems that he will get his lucky day.