My Right, My Revenge

Mercedes, a dazzling young fishmonger, will ignite not one but two wars when her Monte Cristo beloved betrays his soul and country to fulfill his rightful revenge against the woman he believes has double-crossed him more than once. But an innocent Mercedes rejects being his nor anyone’s victim. Her weapon of choice is love.

Which sword can cut deeper, love or revenge?

Genre: Period Drama, series.

“There are two ways of seeing: with the body and with the soul. The body’s sight can sometimes forget, but the soul remembers forever.” — Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo


1847. Mercedes, leader of a fishmongers’ community, visits the village healer who foretells her she will not only make her beloved Hugo, a boatsman, lose his soul but bring misfortune to other men except for one. Veracruz, Mexico. The port is sieged by the American Navy. Only one man can save it, General Lopez Santa Anna, an exiled military whose fate lays in hands of Hugo, willing to deliver a message in exchange of a letter of transit to cross the siege and marry Mercedes. Hugo is arrested, accused of conspiring to bring Santa Anna back to Mexico.

Mercedes does everything in her power to save him from jail, but her efforts are in vain as her cousin Fernando, who is obsessed with her, finds a way for the Secretary of State to read the note Hugo carried. Addressed to the Secretary’s father, it holds instructions to negotiate Santa Anna’s come back with the American navy. Afraid of being charged with treason, the Secretary life-sentences Hugo. Fernando’s next step is to plant the idea in Hugo’s mind that she has betrayed him putting him into jail.

This is the beginning of a chain of lies Mercedes will fight against not to save Hugo but herself from his revenge; lies that end up influencing not only Santa Anna’s return and the outcome of the US invasion, but future events in 1863, during the French invasion. Mercedes, a righteous woman forced to married Fernando – now a treacherous Coronel – starts hearing about the Count of Oiseaux, a man who might be willing to help her cause against the French; Hugo is the Count. He is back with one thing in mind: to have Mercedes pay him back. If Mercedes can prove her innocence and health not only Hugo’s wounds but hers – victim of Fernando’s physical and psychological abuse – she might have finally saved one man’s soul as well as her love, and contribute to the salvation of one country, hers.

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