It’s Never too Late to Be Happy

The Falco sisters – four women in their 30s and 40s – find out their mother has left their father after more than 50 years of marriage. This reality causes them to question the stability of their own lives and relationships. If their mother, Nora, at the age of 75, is capable of giving herself a fresh start, shouldn’t they consider it? Her example will ignite a quest for each of their journeys.


From: Chile.
128 episodes.
The show aired: Chile, Uruguay.


The Falco sisters: Leonore, Monica, Isabella and Alejandra learn that Nora, their beloved mother, has abandoned their father, Sergio Falco, after 50 years of marriage. This event shakes them to the point where they each begin to question their own apparent happiness and stability. Following their mother’s example, each of the sisters undertakes her own personal quest for true happiness, even if it means causing some upset and damage along the way.

Leonore, the most rational of the sisters, entertains the idea of having a lover—something she never would have thought of had the divorce not happened. What would have seemed like a crazy idea has become an intense feeling that makes her question her own marriage.

Monica is the hardworking and strong-willed one of the sisters. She loses her family due to her anxiety crises. While confronting her issues and trying to heal, she discovers, for the first time, that her husband had a mistress for years.

Isabella is the stereotypical perfect housewife. She starts a journey to break free from a simple life and wants to explore more. While on her personal journey, she discovers that her husband is gay.

The passionate and love-struck Alejandra will have to accept that she does not know true love, even after three marriages.  With such a change in the family unit, Alejandra suddenly finds herself in a new relationship with someone very close to her—her brother-in-law.

Each of the Falco sisters will start their journey towards making changes and defining who they really are. After all, it’s never too late to be happy.


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