Presumed Guilty

A terrible event that happened ten years ago leads an investigator in Paris to come back to his hometown where he has to confront the ghosts of his past and try to solve a mystery.

Winner for Best Foreign Series at the Shanghai TV Festival 2019. It also sold in Russia and Amazon Latin America.


Six years ago Jon left his village. Now he returns determined to confront the ghosts from his past.

Set in an idyllic fishing village, Presumed Guilty tells the story of Jon Aristegui, a scientist living in Paris who is forced to return to the village where he was born after the death of his father. When he arrives, Jon has no choice but to confront the ghosts from his past and an unsolved mystery – the disappearance of his girlfriend, Anne.

Jon can’t remember anything from that night. Was he actually the one who murdered her? And if not, who’s interested in bringing back to light what happened? And why now?


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