Soledad Mendez and her daughter Andrea are two artful scammers preparing to deliver their biggest hit which will set them for life. They will create the faux family to welcome their long lost “relative” millionaire, Harvey all of his fortune.


From: Chile.
155 episodes.
The show aired in: Chile, Panama, el Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, and Hungary.
Adapted in Colombia, Russia, Greece, and is currently being adapted in Mexico. 


Harvey Slater is an eccentric millionaire who is determined to find his biological family. Soledad Mendez and her daughter Andrea, are two clever and beautiful scammers who find about Harvey’s plans and will create a plot to take advantage of his situation and steal his fortune.

Soledad’s plan consists of hiring a group of people that will pretend to be a normal family. This faux family will not know about Soledad’s true intentions. Instead, they’d rather believe that this is a crazy rich guy who is paying for affection. Since these people have debts and bills to pay, they plan along and become a “happy family” for the eccentric millionaire.

Harvey Slater will believe he has finally met the family he always dreamt about and will experience true happiness. Things get a little awkward when he starts having strong feelings and attraction towards his newfound “sister”, Soledad, who is also developing feelings towards him. This will endanger her plan and make her face true love. 


Episode 1

Episode 2