The Remakers

A new and revolutionary show that gives actors with no connections to the acting world, the chance to be on screen—reenacting iconic television moments. The Remakers will recreate some of the most beloved scenes of television history with regular folks. An identical recreation, with a twist.



The Remakers allows the audience to become part of the shows they have seen and loved. They begin a casting process tailored for the show they picked. They’ll produce each episode as they find the cast to interpret the scenes. The Remakers will recreate TV’s most iconic moments, like the “Pivot Scene” from Friends. Other examples include the scene in Golden Girls when Blanche confused “lesbian” with “Lebanese.” And finally, in Modern Family when Cam presented baby Lily to the family, Lion King–style. These are just a few examples.

Ordinary actors will give it their all to recreate epic scenes with the standards of the best television shows. They will recreate them, frame-by-frame, to the best of their ability, without it becoming a skit. For the acting sequence, actors do not have to be of the same age or sex as the original characters. It will be a family-style film set where the first rule is to have a great time.